17. 3. 2010

The European Champions: Pia Cramling and Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia and Pia Cramling from Sweden are the new European Chess Champions. In the last, 11th round, the 20-year old Russian Grandmaster defeated Vladimir Akopjan from Armenia to complete his excellent score of 7 wins and 4 draws, earning 9 points and over 25 rating points.

It was just a confirmation of his total dominance at the Center Zamet and yet another title in his splendid career, beginning with the first gold as a 10 year-old and followed by many medals from the World and European Championships.

Second place is shared by Baadur Jobava (GEO) and Timofeev Artyom (RUS) so tomorrow they will play for the bronze and silver medal. Seven players with 8 points are directly qualified for the World Cup: Lysyj, Efimenko, Almasi, Tomashevski, Rodshtein, Pashikian and Salgado Lopez. The remaining 13 players will be determined by the playoffs at which there will be 28 players who finished the Championship with 7.5 points. But among them, there will not be Ante Brkic who was defeated by Zbynek Hracek (CZE).

Today's round at the women's tournament was very interesting, namely, the new European Champion, Swedish Pia Cramling, inflicted the first defeat to Victoria Cmilyte (LTU), and so that was enough for winning the title in Rijeka. This is the second title of Europan Champion for Pia, who recorded 8 wins with 2 draws and 1 defeat at this Championship. She managed to collect 9 points and to improve her rating for 19 points.

Viktorija Cmilyte won the silver with 8,5 points, while the owner of the bronze is still unknown thus there are five players with 8 points: Monika Socko, Maire Sebag, Tatiana Kosintseva, Natalia Zhukova and Yelena Dembo. All these players qualified for the World Cup, and seven other travelers will be familiar after the playoffs at which 10 players with 7,5 points will participate.

From the Croatian players new victories were recorded by Kristina Šolić and Mara Jelica, and the best placed is Borka Frančišković at 58th place with 6 points.